Get better skin in the sun

3SKIN is developing the most unique sunscreen that will be coming to the market. It offers triple action effect, with protection from the sun, and rejuvenation of upper and lower skin.

With these unique qualities, a patented formula and decades of experience,  3SKIN is getting ready to be a leading player in the sunscreen market and improve skin health.

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3SKIN is a company focused on developing the next generation of sunscreens

Using well established photodynamic therapy and decades of experience in dermatology our mission is to bring better alternatives to the market which will increase the use of sunscreens.

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3SKIN is dedicated to being an eco-friendly company, with focus on sustainable compounds and packaging. We want to be a contributor to a better enviroment.
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thoroughly tested
3SKIN is dedicated to back up our claims with Science. That's why we are using well established technology and focused on robust clinical testing. We are planning a double blinded clinical test over 6 months with 70+ participants.

Skin rejuvenation like never before

3-6 months of using 3SKIN's patented formula

Three effects in one product

The sunscreen has three distinct effects: Skin protection, Rejuvenation, and Increase of collagen. 

It protects the skin with high UV-protection, with a sun protection factor of 50+. This prevents further damage to the skin. 
3SKIN’s Sunscreen renews the upper skin layer by helping the body use it own natural system to remove damaged cells.
Increase in collagen
In the connective tissue, it helps regulate the growth of more collagen, making your skin firmer and healthier

The team behind 3SKIN

3SKIN is a small start up with the ambition to change how people think about skin and skin health. We want to decrease the incidence of skin damage from the sun and provide an incentive to use more sunscreen. 

Ana Maria Solér
Board member / Founder
Md.PhD Dermatologist with over 20 years of experience in clinical dermatology and photodynamic therapy.
Trond Warloe
Board member / Founder
Md.PhD Surgeon and a leading figure in Photdynamic Therapy and 5-ALA R&D with over 20 years of experience.
Qian Peng
Board member / Founder
Md.PhD Pathologist who's one of the worlds leading experts on Photodynamic Therapy. Group leader for Photodynamic Therapy research at the Radiumhospital
Oscar Solér
Jørgen Bøhn
Board member
Strategy / Financials 
Runar Eidsaa
Board member
Strategy / Marketing 
Marianne Fjørtoft
Board member
Product development


3SKIN has partners to assist with development, regulatory compliance and Intellectual Property (IP). The company has also recieved public grants for research and innovation.

Dehns is a law firm focusing on IP rights. They are our partner when it comes to IP rights, making sure we are following all guidelines and making sure fees, and application dates are met. 
3SKIN has it's offices at Sharelab. Sharelab is an incubator for biotech startups, giving them acess to a state of the art laboratory.

We’d love to hear any questions or feedback you have

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