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Solér, get better skin in the sun

Solér is the most unique sunscreen that will be coming to the market. It offers triple action effect, with protection from the sun, and rejuvenation of upper and lower skin.

With these unique qualities, a patented formula and decades of experience, Solér by 3SKIN is getting ready to be a leading player in the sunscreen market and improve skin health.

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Skin rejuvenation like never before

2 months of using Solér patented formula

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Antes Después


3SKIN is a company focused on developing the next generation of sunscreens. Using well established photodynamic therapy and decades of experience in dermatology our mission is to bring better alternatives to the market which will increase the use of sunscreens.

3SKIN was founded in 2016 in Oslo, Norway by some of the worlds leading experts in photodynamic therapy. Learn more about the people behind ithere

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3SKIN is dedicated to being an eco-friendly company, with focus on sustainable compounds and packaging. We want to be a contributor to a better enviroment and all products will be free from harmfull ingredients to the enviroment.

Today, many sunscreens use harmful agents in their products that harm marine life. Solér will only containt non-harmful agents to the coral reefs and other biomes, both on land and in the ocean.

Partners, collaborators and funding from:

OCCIInnovasjon Norge
Forskningsrådet/ / research council